The Visible God

13-year-old Tara mysteriously disappears with the Malaysian airline flight 370. Her mother accepts this mind-numbing incident as God’s will but her father Rudra Shankar Pani, a scientist, refuses to believe that the apple of his eyes, his Tara, is gone. He wants to find her and bring her back – even if it means challenging the will of God.

As weeks go by, the quest for his daughter turns his world upside-down. A a famous verse from “Mahabharata” moves him to action and sets him on collision course with the will of God. It takes him on a journey into the realm of unknown where the lines between existence and non-existence begin to blur. He discovers that the word, “Possible”, has a completely new meaning. But…

Where does Tara’s disappearance fit in this grand design? Will Rudra be able to find the disappeared plane and Tara?

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