Winning against all odds…

He was only 17 when he came to Mumbai in search of work. It was an alien city for him. He was duped by a friend and left on the roads of this big metropolitan to die of hunger. But this boy did not lose hope, he decided to stay back and fight against all odds for survival.

He found a job as a waiter in one of the restaurants. He did not know the language of the city but he worked against all odds. He toiled for about two years across various restaurants in Mumbai doing all sorts of odd jobs.

He was meticulous and sincere in his work.

He used to keep a note of every person’s requirement, some wanted strong tea, some without sugar. So he established a good rapport with the customers. One person who had a small business saw that he was enterprising and hard working so he suggested that they open a food stall on the street on a joint partnership. The person invested the money and told the boy to do the work and promised him half of the profit.

The stall near the market area did good business. But he got duped again. His partner refused to give any share of the profit as promised and said he would give only Rs 1,200 as salary. So the boy called off the partnership and decided that it is best to do something on his own.

He was only tenth pass. No experience of business. His father had a tobacco business, which ended in a loss. His father also incurred huge losses in the farm.

But the boy started his own business against all odds. His father had instilled in him a lot of positive energy. This is what kept him going strong. He tried to see an opportunity in every difficulty.

So he took a handcart on rent to sell idli, dosa and vada. He used to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and work till late in the night without stopping. He cooked everything all by himself. And finally he succeeded in creating a flavour that got him a loyal clientele.

Soon his items became very popular as they had a different flavour and variety.

He worked harder. Fighting against all odds. Years passed by. And five years later he opened his first food outlet outside a railway station in Mumbai. Since then there was no looking back . . .

One outlet led to another and today, he has more than 30 outlets across 10 states in India with a turnover of over Rupees 5 crore (USD 1M).

If you ask him, “What is the secret of his success?”

He smiles and says, “The man who duped me in the first place! He pumped me up to fight against all odds and forced me to turn my misfortune into the biggest motivation of my life. ”

Inspired by the life of Prem Ganapathy, Dosa Plaza

photo credit: Kaustav Bhattacharya via photopin cc

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