Who owns the cow…?

One day the great saint Sheikh Fareed sat with his disciples. They were chatting up about life when they saw that a man was dragging a cow which was tied with a rope. The saint asked his disciples, “What do you think, who is tied to whom?’ The disciples replied in unison, “Of course the cow is tied to the man.” Then the saint asked, “And who is the owner among the two?” The disciples found the question absurd and replied in unison again, “Of course the man is the owner.”

A little later, the rope snapped. The cow ran in other direction. And the man started running after it.

The saint asked, “What do you think, who is tied to whom?” The disciples had by now understood that the man was tied with cow by an unseen rope called ‘Desire to possess’. And in fact it was the cow who owned the man.

Similarly, we all are tied to many materialistic things especially the TVs, computers, and other gadgets. They have begun to rule our lives and instead of we being their owners, the gadgets have started owning us. It is time that we took a lesson by saint Fareed’s observation.

Author: Unknown
photo credit: Nottingham Vet School via photopin cc

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