When God destroys your dream…

Not many years ago, there was a very successful painter. He lived in a beautiful house next to a hill. There was a beautiful tabletop on the hill where this painter used to paint most of the time.

One day, the painter finished a beautiful painting. It was something he wanted to do for years but the inspiration had struck him only a few months ago and since then he had immersed himself in his dream project. Finally, his masterpiece was ready.

Once he put his signature on the canvas, he stepped back to have a good look at his own work. He stepped backwards and backwards, admiring his work. He was so lost that he did not realize that he had reached the edge of the hill. One more step backwards and he would fall off the cliff.

That’s when his wife came there and she saw the situation. She wanted to scream but she knew that if she did, she could shock the painter and he might go down. So she took a brush and splashed some paint on to the newly finished painting. The painter immediately rushed forward, angered by his wife’s outrageous act.

He asked for an explanation but the wife had none. The painter never spoke to the wife again. But he did not know she had saved his life by spoiling the painting.

Such is the way of God. When all our dreams shatter, we feel miserable. But the fact is God has stopped us from moving into some trouble. We cannot see the edge of the cliff but He can.


Author: Unknown
photo credit: Jose Luis Mieza Photography via photopin cc

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