True Friendship

Ram and Shyam both were best friends, Ram was very poor and had to work also to earn his living and he got very less studey time whereas Shyam was very rich, had lots of time to study, Shyam always had sympathy on Ram.

One day before the exams Shyam offered Ram to stay with him and study, Ram thanked him and stayed with him for a month. Soon, the exam results were announced. Ram passed with flying colours whereas Shyam failed. Ram told him to study hard and pass next year, but he ignored him and failed many times. One day Shyam had all his riches finished, now he had only one support which was Ram. He went to Ram told his problems and asked him to help him, Ram straight away told Shyam ” I am not going to help you. Get out!”.

Shyam felt bad about it and went out of his house. After roaming for some time, Shyam met a lady, the lady offered him to stay in her other house and study. This time Shyam studied hard and passed with flying colours, he went to the lady’s house to thank her but he found no one there, he asked her neighbours but the neighbours replied that she shifted to some other place, Shyam was disappointed.

One day he clashed with Ram, Ram offered him to come to his house, Shyam went there and saw the lady who helped her, Shyam, a little confused asked Ram ” How did this lady come here?’, Ram replied, “This lady is my wife and I told her to help you, I wanted you to pass by the right way.”. After Shyam understood everything, he told Ram ” You are my true friend.”


Author: Deep Parekh Std VI, TIS, Mumbai

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