The Milkmaid And Her Dreams

A milkmaid had a long cherished dream to become rich. One day she was going to deliver milk to her customers. A pot full of milk was on her head and she was busy in her imaginary world.
She thought, “After selling this milk, I will buy hens with the money. The hens will give eggs. Soon it will multiply into a good number of hens and cocks. Then I will open a poultry farm. The flourishing business will make me rich. I will buy silk sarees and jewellery. In these, I will look very beautiful. A number of handsome young men will come to me. They will express their willingness to marry me. But I will say ‘no’ to everyone!”
Engrossed in her imaginary world, the milkmaid actually tossed her head vigorously to say ‘no’. At once the pot of milk fell down from her head and the milk ran out. And with the milk ran out too her beautiful dream world too.

Moral: It is always better to live in reality.


Source: Ancient Literature

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