The Foolish Wolf

Once a wolf picked up a lamb from a sheep-herd and ran way to a safe place. He offloaded the lamb from his shoulders and was about to kill him. Just then the lamb said, “I know that in next few moments, I will be killed. Would you please fulfill my last wish before eating me?”
The wolf stopped and asked, “What is your last wish?”
The lamb replied, “I am told that you are a wonderful flute player. I am very much fond of the sweet music of the flute. I would like to die after hearing this melodious music.”
After playing for sometime when the wolf stopped. the lamb grinned and said, “Marvelous! Never before, I have heard such a beautiful piece of music. I am very much sure that no-one else can play flute like you. Please play it once more.”
The words of praise made the wolf extremely happy. He picked up the flute and played it once again, quite enthusiastically. This time the sound was louder than before.
The sound of flute reached the shepherd and his dogs. They immediately rushed to that place and caught the wolf.
The lamb swiftly escaped from there and reached his herd safely.

MORAL- Never lose your Cool in Adversity.

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