The Boy and The Barber

There was a small boy named Tinny. He was a mischievous boy. Tinny loved to play tricks on others.
One fine morning, he landed in a barber’s shop and sat on the chair placed for customers. The Barber asked, “Yes, what can I do for you little boy?” Tinny posed himself as a grown up man and said gravely, “Will you please shave my beards?”
The Barber sensed the trick. He gently replied, “Ofcourse yes, my little master”.
The Barber wrapped a cloth around his shoulders. He patted water on Tinny’s beardless smooth cheeks and chin and aplied soap all over. After making a good froth, the barber became busy with his other customers.
Tinny was feeling quite uneasy with the soap all over his face. He waited for a long time. At last unable to tolerate anymore, he screamed at barber, “How long will you keep me waiting?”
The smart Barber replied calmly, “Till the time your beards grow.”

MORAL: Playing a trick on others, invites others to play tricks on you as well.


Source: Unknown

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