I am sorry, mom

I hated my mom. Because she only had one eye and she was such an embarrassment.

She used to cooked for students to earn a living for us. One day, during elementary school she came to meet me and I was embarrassed. I tried to ignore her, gave her a hateful look and went away. But my class fellows did understand who she was and said, “EEEKK, your mom is a one eyed woman!”

I wanted to disappear and I wanted my mom to go away from my life. One day I confronted her and said, “YOu only make me a laughing stock. Why don’t you die?” She did not respond. I was angry, very angry and completely unmindful of her feelings. Because I wanted to go away from her, I studied hard and went abroad. Then, I got married, had my children and a house of my own. I was happy with my life, my kids and the comforts. But one day, my mom came over, unannounced. She had not seen me for years. My children laughed at her. The younger one even got scared.

I could not take it and shouted at her, “How dare you come here? GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” she said. “I may have come to the wrong address!” And she went away.

Years passed. And one day I received a package. It was from a neighbour informing me that my mother was dead and the packaged contained all important papers which were found in her house. I went though the papers. And among those papers of properties and bank accounts, It was a note written and signed by a doctor and addressed to my mom.”

“Dear Mrs Susan,

I think of you all the time. I am glad that the surgery was successfully accomplished as planned. Your son who had lost his left eye in an accident will now be able to see the world with both his eyes. As I write this, I wonder how much a mom can do for her children. May God bless you!

Hope your son is doing well as you wished.

With a lot of respect and love,

Dr. Matthews. ”


Author Unknown

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