Story of a brave schoolgirl

Once upon a time, in a village lived a girl who hated school. Her parents kept telling her not to do so. But she did not improve.

One day, while returning from school she wandered around in the forest. Soon in the middle of the forest, she confronted some demons. They said, “Oh little lady, we are hungry and are about to eat you up. But, if you want to be saved you will have to be turned into an animal of your choice. Then you will have to survive one stroke of my axe. If you pass we will let you go, or else…”.

The girl was terrified and started thinking about an animal to be turned into. The memories of her family and friends flashed through her head. But after a minute or she suddenly exclaimed, “Earthworm! I want to be turned into an earthworm!”. “Ok then”, said the demon and transformed her into an earthworm.

Then he quickly struck his arrow and cut the earthworm into half but she still lived. Because an earthworm lives even if cut in half.

“Ok Ok! You can go”, the demon said in a shaky voice as he turned the girl back into her original form and disappeared. There was a moment of silence and then the girl grinned, soon that grin turned into a smile and the smile into a laugh. Then while returning home, she finally said to herself, “Hah….school is great”.


Special thanks to : Anonymous Fan


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